You have the option to return, free of charge, any product ordered within 30 days of its date of receipt. 


The product must be returned in perfect condition, unworn, in its entirety (boxes, accessories, covers, labels, booklets, etc.) and in its original packaging, accompanied by a copy of the receipt. We recommend you take all necessary precautions to ensure its protection. During the period of sale there will be no refund. Any damaged, used, incomplete or soiled product will not be eligible for a refund. 


Please follow the returns procedures below in order to return your products to us free of charge. 
Please bare in mind if these procedures are not indulged, LIVANCÉ LABEL will not fund all expenses made for return.



Terms and fees of return are provided by LIVANCÉ LABEL.


Online returns

If you placed an order with your Customer Account, go to the “My Orders” section of the account

1. Declare your return by sending us an e-mail with your request to return your purchased item. Please contact us via or via our 24/7 online chat.

2. Select the product(s) to be returned and indicate the reason for return on the Return Form. You can download the form by clicking on RETURN FORM

3. Confirm your request for a return. You will receive a confirmation email with your return Track & Trace code and return label.

4. Place the items you wish to return as well as a copy of your receipt and the return form inside the box in which you received your order.

5. Place the pre-printed return label provided with your order on the outside of the package.

6. Once your package is prepared, please bring your package to your local post office. You can always contact our customer service to find the closest postoffice. Our customer services can be contacted contact via or via our 24/7 chat function.

7. You will receive a confirmation email with your return info. As soon as your package reaches our warehouse, we will proces the refund payment within 14 days.

If for any reason it is not possible to create a refund please contact LIVANCÉ LABEL via or via our chat function to speak to one of our staff.



You have the option to return, free of charge, products ordered within 30 days from their date of delivery.



Terms of refund

In case of return, the refund will take place within 72 hours of receipt of the product(s) at the warehouse. However, the maximum period for refund is 14 days after receipt


A confirmation email will be sent to you. The refund will then be made according to the same payment method and in the same currency (LIVANCÉ LABEL does not change currency) as that used by the customer upon payment of his/her order.


Mode of refund

Refunds will be made via the credit card or bankaccount used for payment. For security reasons, we are not authorized to carry out the refund to another bankaccount or via a credit card other than that used for payment of the order.



Refund & Return


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